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Types of Rocks Used in Landscaping

There are many reasons why landscaping your property is important. Not only does professional landscaping enhance the appearance of your home or business, it can also increase the value of the property. Additionally, well-planned landscaping controls soil erosion, reduces moisture evaporation, and creates a sustainable home for wildlife and local bird populations. In creating outdoor landscapes, however, there is one element that can provide great aesthetic and environmental benefits, but is often overlooked. Hardscape elements, like rocks, add interest, create focal points, and enhance an outdoor setting with unique characteristics. Rocks come in an endless variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. The key to creating a beautiful, inviting landscape for your home or business begins with choosing the right rocks.

Size is important. Smaller rocks or gravel can be used for pathways, uniquely shaped garden enhancements, to line ponds or small rivers, or to create borders. There are many great choices for ornamental rocks in the Alpharetta area, including egg rock, river pebbles, and Indiana pea gravel.  Larger rocks are excellent choices as centerpieces for a garden or flower bed, or to add interest to a otherwise all-green landscape of plants and trees. Boulders are plentiful, available in a variety of sizes, and work well as accent pieces or as part of a retaining wall. Shape is just as important when choosing rocks for your landscape. Flatter stones, such as an Oklahoma flagstones, are perfect for a patio or pool area, and add not only color but texture to the overall aesthetic. Rocks are available in a wide array of colors, from soft tawny to a full palette of browns, grays, reds, and everything in between, and each color can add visual appeal and interest to your landscape.

Professional landscape design increases the curb appeal of your home, and creates a beautiful outdoor retreat. National Landcare will help you refurbish your yard and landscape into an outdoor living space that you can enjoy year-round. Our experience is in creating landscapes in the Alpharetta area using natural elements and native plants to enhance the existing landscape of a property. Whether you are seeking to build a rock retaining wall, looking to install rock walkways through your yard or gardens, or wish to create a rock patio or outdoor kitchen area, we can help turn your dreams into a reality. To see examples of our work, visit our online photo gallery on our website at http://nationallandcare.com/.