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Tools Needed for Community Lawn Care and Maintenance

Caring for your residential property is different than maintaining a large community’s landscaping needs. That’s why many property managers choose to hire a professional landscape maintenance company. With a lot more ground to cover, there are specific tools that can help make the job easier. Whether you need help maintaining an HOA property or you need commercial property maintenance in Atlanta, here are a few of the pieces of equipment that your professional lawn service may use.

Riding Lawn Mowers

When there is a large area of grass that needs to be mowed, it doesn’t make sense to use a push mower. While push mowers can get the job done, it will take more time and effort. Instead, a riding lawn mower can be used to complete the job in less time and with more efficiency. With a riding lawn mower, you don’t have to empty the grass bags nearly as much and it can easily handle any hills on the property.


Once the winter season is coming to an end, you may see a buildup of dead grass, leaves, and twigs on your lawn. This is commonly known as “thatching.” While thatching may seem harmless, it can prevent healthy grass from receiving the water, nutrients, and sunlight needed to grow. Professional lawn care company’s use scarifiers once a year to remove the buildup of thatching. This is a great way to improve the texture and quality of a community’s grass.

Edging Tools

Mowing a lawn without edging it is like getting a haircut and skipping the portion around the ears. It makes the grass look sloppy. Each time the grass is cut, an edging tool should also be used to ensure that the areas around trees, curbing, and buildings are also properly trimmed. This creates a clean look that everyone in the neighborhood can appreciate.

Lawn Spreader

In order to ensure that everyone’s grass remains lush and green, your professional lawn care company will utilize a lawn spreader a few times each year. This tool has adjustable settings used to evenly apply various nutrients, weed killers, moss killers, and seed to your grass. It’s quick, easy, and the perfect way to keep everybody’s lawns looking great.


Especially in a community setting, a rake is a valuable tool. Both in the spring and fall, dead twigs, leaves, and branches tend to clutter lawns. While you may think that a rake is only used for aesthetic purposes, they are actually essential to the health of your lawn. Old leaves can be a haven for disease and fungus. For that reason, it’s important that they are removed quickly and efficiently. Your lawn care professionals will most likely utilize large rakes to remove this debris and keep the grass looking clean and clear.

Garden Shears

Whether your community is lined in trees or contains numerous shrubs, it’s important to keep them trimmed. Shears are the best way to prune and shape trees and other foliage. Your professional landscaping company knows the best ways to cut back and prune different bushes to ensure that they remain healthy and beautiful.

It’s important to hire professionals to take care of your community lawn care in Atlanta. With their wide range of expertise and access to heavy duty tools, it’s easy for them to maintain the area and ensure that your community’s area remains looking gorgeous.