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Tips for Choosing the Right Groundskeeping Service


Selecting the right groundskeeping company can make all the difference in the curb appeal of your home or office complex. Check out this guide from National Landcare to find the best groundskeeping and landscaping services in Atlanta.

Property Planning

Most outdoor design projects start with an idea for the ultimate landscape. Are you looking for a backyard, barbecue retreat, or an outdoor picnic area for employees? Start your search for landscaping service by knowing what you want out of your outdoor living space. Consult your favorite gardening or home magazines for ideas about paving, walkways, seating, shrubbery, and flora. With a plan in mind, you can now select the right groundskeeper who can design your outdoor space.

Be Flexible

Understand that several obstacles could potentially alter your landscaping plans. Soil quality, drainage, and climate will determine the type of trees, shrubs, and flowers you can plant on your property. Consider plants that will thrive in your soil without costly additives or soil correction. For drought-prone areas, consider plants that are drought-tolerant and guaranteed to bloom with minimal watering. When it comes to selecting a groundskeeping company, weigh your options by comparing services provided by a variety of different companies, focusing on the company that will be able to meet your demands most efficiently.

Ask Around

Ask your friends, family, and neighbors about landscaping companies they use. Word-of-mouth is often your best source of information when it comes to discovering company rapport in your community. You can also ask your prospective landscaper for a list of previous clients you can call for a reference. Ask them about the quality of the work performed on their property. Do they think they received good service for their money? How did their landscaper handle problems or changes in your plan? You can also check with the Better Business Bureau website for reviews and ratings on companies in your area. Verify that the company has a valid business license, insurance coverage, and training relevant to your needs. After explaining your landscaping goals, ask for an estimate in writing to help with your comparison shopping. Be wary of companies that offer you extreme discounts or ask for the full payment of services upfront.

For more tips on shopping for the best groundskeeping services in Atlanta, contact the experts at National Landcare.