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Services That Professional Groundskeepers Provide

If you are looking to provide professional care and attention to your lawn or property, you may want to invest in the services of a groundskeeper. Groundskeeping is meant to provide upkeep to lawns, shrubbery, and garden areas. Gardening plays a large part in this activity, while landscape and curatorial aspects also have play in order to design and maintain finely modeled gardens. Services can range from the aesthetic to the practical, depending upon the needs of the area. If you are uncertain what sort of care your yard may require, you may want to consult a groundskeeper in landscape and maintenance in Alpharetta for advice.

Where They Work

Historically, the groundskeeper functioned as a gardener. He maintained the properties of an estate (such as in the UK and Europe) for their aesthetic value and guaranteed the look of memorable public and private attractions such as a simple Cottage Garden to a groomed Landscape Garden. The function of the groundskeeper has extended into services for institutions, sporting venues, and those areas which have a green. The groundskeeper of formal gardens (also considered a horticulturist) utilizes aesthetic notes such as statuary, topiary, and parterre for artistic effect and ease of walking. This type of gardener designs for pleasure as well as function.

 Essential Duties

The most well-utilized type of groundskeeping job today has to do with simple landscaping and yard maintenance. This employment focuses more on the manual aspect of yard upkeep. Groundskeepers use specialized tools such as mowers, edgers, sprinklers, and trimmers in order to maintain the appearance of the area as well as the health of lawn. Community landscape services in Alpharetta, GA, can provide services to your property, using their own tools in order to maintain your property. They will also be able to attend to fallen trees and trim your hedges in order to make sure your borders and the property within is both orderly and appealing to the eye.

 Special Treatments

For gardens which require more care than just general maintenance, you can hire a horticulturist or groundskeeper for lawn upkeep in case of need of turf management. In this case, the groundskeeper will be responsible for laying fresh sod and guaranteeing fresh grass growth. This aspect of the position resembles more of the traditional gardener, since he will be involved in watering, planting, and fertilizing your lawn. In addition, the groundskeeper will be responsible for sprinkler installation and those other machines which allow the garden to function. Groundskeepers are hired on contract basis per project or as an employee of an institution of an estate.