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Necessity of Removing Leaves from Your Backyard

When the leaves begin to fall in autumn, it’s tempting to sit back and enjoy nature’s natural, colorful carpet. However, failing to remove the leaves from your yard can lead to a disaster in the spring. Many homeowners are under the impression that fallen leaves are a natural mulch. In actuality, leaf cover can lead to mold growth, which can prevent your yard from flourishing in the spring.

At National Landcare, we urge homeowners to take action as soon as the trees begin to shed their leaves. Staying on top of leaf removal can lessen the amount of time raking and save your back.

Here are 3 reasons why leaf removal should be a top priority:

Do you have a large backyard with many trees? If you don’t want to spend several weekends in a row raking and bagging leaves, consider mowing the leaves. You can leave these small pieces of leaf remnants on the ground because they will promote lawn growth for next season.

For homeowners who don’t want to mess around at all with the leaves in their yards, that’s when it’s time to call a professional leaf removal and lawn care service. At National Landcare, we have a team of professionals who know how to treat your yard right. Our residential maintenance services are designed to help you achieve a healthy lawn that’s the envy of your neighbors. Don’t procrastinate! The faster you take care of fallen leaves, the better off your yard will be. Call us today to learn more about leaf removal and our other lawn care services in Alpharetta and the surrounding communities.