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Lawn Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is coming, and that means that your lawn is going to go through a bit of stress. Imagine having to spend 24 hours a day outdoors through the cold winter months; your lawn, unprotected and unsupervised, will likely become unhealthy. Certain plants might even die in the event of a freeze. Landscape services in Alpharetta, GA, can assist you with preparing for winter; however, it’s important for you to also know how to care for your own yard on a daily basis. Here are a few maintenance tasks that an Alpharetta landscaping company would want you to follow.


Your grass makes up most of your lawn, and it is among the more vulnerable species in it. Thankfully, winter grass care is less time-consuming than summer lawn care, in which grass goes into hyper-growth mode and starts to brown with thirst. This frosty season, your grass will naturally enter a dormant mode. This means that it will retreat most of its energy down to its roots rather than relying on its vulnerable above-ground extremities. This calls for you to overseed your lawn, which makes it greener come spring.


Winter is also a great time to take care of weeds, which will look more glaring in the winter. Be sure to continue to mow your lawn to its recommended height. This figure will vary depending on the species of your grass; professional landscape services can provide you with their recommendation. Regular mowing will keep weeds under control and will continue grass growth, even during hibernation. If weeds continue to grow, then consider using eco-friendly herbicide to keep them out when temperatures warm up.


Landscaping design services are more helpful than ever during the winter. They can help you accessorize your grass with winter-friendly plants. For example, peonies and follies actually stay colorful in cold temperatures. Just keep in mind that these plants will be sensitive to the summer heat. You can even add potted evergreens to your walkways or backyard patio. You’ll be spending plenty of time decorating your home’s exterior for the holidays, after all. This time spent perfecting your holiday curb appeal is great for rethinking your design scheme.

For more advice on caring for your lawn during the harsh winter temperatures, hire landscape services in Alpharetta, GA. They can provide advice for keeping your grass watered, protecting trees and shrubs, and so much more. They can even help you improve your design scheme so that your home is perfectly ready for holiday company.