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How Landscape Maintenance Can Boost Your Commercial Business

Are you the business owner that cares a great deal about the customer experience in your store, but you neglect the outside of your store? Commercial landscape maintenance in Alpharetta, GA, is as important as in other parts of the country.

It’s understood, that business owners are overwhelmed with tasks. You have ordering to do, stock to unpack and maintain, hiring and training staff, bookkeeping to set up; the list is endless. For some, the care and maintenance of the landscaping and appearance of your place of business gets neglected. If you’re in that group, consider how proper landscaping can increase your sales and bring those customers back.

Consider landscaping as whatever scenery is in front of your business. Whether it’s green lawn and shrubs or concrete sidewalk, your landscaping provides the first impression of your business. Subsequent visits to your business are just as important. Here’s why this matters to your bottom line:

Now consider what an approach to your business which is not maintained says to the customer:

As described above, the entrance to your business is the first impression. If you’re not in a position to spend money on landscaping or even landscaping maintenance, much can be gained by simply tidying up around your business, both inside and out.

Random items left by the door or garbage area that collects in the corner also make a statement to the customer. If you keep your business site as tidy as you keep your home, you’re probably creating an image which is consistent with your values. If you’re not attracting the customer traffic you wish, perhaps carefully looking at the approach to your business will get some insight on changes you could make to improve customers’ first impression.