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Front Yard Landscaping Design Methods

Your front yard is the first impression that you give to the community. Before passersby even get a good look at your house, they are more likely to see your yard. Therefore, your front yard should look its best at all times. But it takes more than good landscape maintenance to have an attractive front yard. You need landscape installation in Alpharetta, or a well-designed concept of plants and hardscape features crafted by professionals to make your front yard look attractive and inviting.

In order to have a great yard year-round, you need a professional’s great eye and green thumb. Here are some tips for designing and maintaining a great front yard all year long.

Keep It Neat

Everyone has seen a yard that looks like a disorderly mess of mismatched plants that are allowed to grow unusually. These yards might be attempting to create a natural look, but the vibe ends up looking messy. For natural-looking plants that look appealing from the curb, you need to limit the number of plant species you use. Too many different plants can make your front yard look like a nursery, and that is not a good thing. Try for 1 to 2 types of flowers, shrubs, and trees at most.

Scale Up

An amateur mistake many gardening hobbyists make is scaling down their landscaping. That is the difference between professional landscape services and amateur attempts at designing a yard. Because all of the features of your yard must be viewed from the front porch, the street, across the street, and the end of the block, you need to think bigger. Plant large beds that can hold a mixture of full-sized plants. Many professionals recommend building flower beds about half the width of the house. Also, leave a wide span around every mature tree to visually anchor them.

Direct the Eye

The goal of good landscaping is to be inviting. Create a visual flow of plant life that directs the eye and the visitor’s movement toward your front door. Line a sidewalk with plant beds, use taller shrubs or trees to frame the doorway, and leave a wide view of the entryway unobscured for an inviting charm. You can hire professional landscape management to plant and maintain a yard that looks inviting and leads guests to your front door.

When you hire professional landscape installation in Alpharetta, you enlist the services of experts who are trained to create visually stunning and inviting landscapes. With their help, you can create a healthy yard that looks great all year, including plants that are colorful, bloom at the right times, and give your home a touch of natural sophistication.