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6 Things to Watch for When Choosing HOA Landscape Maintenance

The experience of living in a community that has the high standards of a Home Owners Association is a step above living in just any old place. Keeping those high standards of living requires, among many things, a great landscape maintenance company. National Landcare, LLC would like to offer you some tips for looking for the best HOA landscape maintenance in Alpharetta, GA. Specifically, they’d like to tell you about 6 red flags to watch out for.

The HOA lawn maintenance in Alpharetta that you ultimately hire will work in addition to landscape maintenance personnel that are already in your HOA community employ. Just as you have high standards for your own personnel, you need to match these standards with a maintenance company that holds these same rigid standards for their own personnel. When you are aware of the below red flags to look for, you will have the best chance of ending up with a suitable partner for your landscape needs.

Price Seems to Low

When taking HOA lawn bids in Alpharetta, beware of those with prices that seem to low. Quality landscape maintenance companies will need to charge a healthy amount of money to a run quality operation. They will have no need of underbidding other firms simply to get your HOA on their client list. Think about what services you truly want included in your HOA’s landscape maintenance and determine whether a potential company with a suspiciously low bid can honestly deliver the full range of services you desire.

No Project Specifications

If you see a bid, for example, that describes a company’s proposed work simply as “mowing,” you’ve got a red flag right there. When the bid is overly simplified in this way, there’s no way of telling whether or not other services, even very standard ones, are included in the bid. Also, there’s no way of telling whether or not the company will even go beyond the standard work performed, just for good measure. Without project specifications there’s also no way of telling how often work will be performed.

Transparency through References

A company’s references are about the very best way to find out about them. No one else can better fill you in on how the company performs. Online references are okay, but taking the time to call a few of the landscape company’s customers and asking them what they liked or disliked about the company is a wise move. Talking to a few former customers might be eye-opening as well.

Licensing and Insurance

Don’t take any chances on a company’s official status. Make them adequately prove that they hold all necessary licenses and insurance. It might prove wise to check out their safety record as well. Reputable companies are often affiliated with professional associations, so check this out too.

Who Will Oversee the Project?

Landscape companies who take pride in their work will be anxious to own it by providing a specific point person who will handle your account. Be very suspicious if you are not provided with a specific name and contact information.

Seasonal Enhancements

Landscape maintenance is more than the just the daily-weekly-monthly routine of mowing lawns and trimming bushes. Be sure to find out if a landscape maintenance company will include season enhancements within the scope of their bid. Season tasks such as spring planting should be provided per the contract.

Make sure to put potential HOA grounds maintenance service in Alpharetta to the test based on the preceding tips. All HOA lawn care in Alpharetta is not the same. Be sure to choose a service that will help maintain the proud standards that make your community a very desirable place to live.