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5 Property Landscape Maintenance Tips for HOAs

If you manage an HOA, you have a large list of responsibilities. For the most part, all of the residents in your community will rely on you to create and maintain beautiful landscaping. Before you feel overwhelmed by the pressure, simply follow these 5 tips. Successful HOA property landscape maintenance in Atlanta mostly narrows down to these main rules.


  1. Maintain a Neutral Look – If you manage an HOA, you’re responsible for several properties, each of which has its own character. Every homeowner in the community should take pride in the individual style of their home. Even if the homes were all built together or by the same contractor, there may be slight variations. This means that you need to keep the landscaping neutral and maintain a universally appealing landscape. For example, cutting shrubbery squarely and very neatly may not please homeowners that prefer a more natural look. Other unusual choices, like planting exotic plants or allowing trees that grow wildly–like live oak–to sprawl about, can distance some homeowners.
  2. Check Your Irrigation Systems – Good irrigation is key to saving water, encouraging healthy plant growth, and preventing flooding. Request that your commercial property maintenance company check your irrigation systems regularly to prevent problems and keep the entire community looking green and vibrant. Before you hire commercial landscape maintenance services, be sure that they have the experience and skills to work on irrigation systems and can install them where they’re not currently in place.
  3. Keep Edges Clean – Landscapers will need to create clean, straight, and smooth edges where grass meets the curbs, sidewalks, or driveways. Nice edges make a huge difference in crafting well-groomed, healthy, and appealing yards. Be sure your HOA lawn care company also keeps the exterior walls of all buildings neat and well-trimmed. They should also clean up sidewalks where pebbles or mulch have become scattered.
  4. Focus on High-Visibility Areas – As an HOA manager, your job is primarily to help maintain shared spaces, entryways, and other high-visibility areas of your community. For example, landscaping around front gates, community pools, mail centers, and more should all be very well-maintained. These areas attract the most attention from residents and visitors alike. Commercial landscape maintenance services should be dedicated to making these areas look as pristine and well-manicured as possible.
  5. Always Hire Professional Services – The best way to avoid controversy over who is responsible for doing community yard work is to simply hire professional lawn care for properties in ATL. Professional work will offer the best results, thanks to their experience, dedication, knowledge of care for various species of plants, and the professionalism to schedule maintenance as often as it’s needed to maintain an elegant and welcoming atmosphere in your community.

For best results, start at the end of this list and work your way up. When you turn to professional¬†HOA property landscape maintenance in Atlanta, success in the other areas will follow. Simply leave the landscaping work to professionals and you’ll find plenty more time to focus on other HOA duties. If you hire a landscaper that’s experienced with HOAs, you can easily trust in the work they can do for your community on a regular basis, and your fellow residents will trust you, too.