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4 Things to Consider with Hiring HOA Lawn Care Companies

Few homeowners have enough time to do the proper maintenance their yard requires. So it’s really not surprising if you’re looking for HOA lawn care in Atlanta, GA. But before you sign a contract with a company, you should consider these 4 things, so you won’t regret your choice later.

Basic Maintenance Is Not Enough

You can probably hire the neighbor’s child to mow your yard for a relatively low price. But if you want your lawn to be adequately cared for, then this basic maintenance is not going to be enough. In fact, if you only mow regularly and don’t do anything else, then you’ll definitely end up with more weeds and brown grass than you really want.

Keeping a lawn healthy over the years requires careful applications of fertilizer at the appropriate times. To keep the weeds down and prevent the grass from turning brown, you’ll also have to follow a regular watering schedule. And if you have trees, shrubs, or flowers that need to be taken care of, then having basic yard maintenance definitely won’t be enough.

Use One Company for Everything

Of course you could hire the neighbor’s kid to mow and then hire another company to everything else. But it makes more sense to have one lawn care company do it all for several reasons. One, you can get multi-service discounts. Two, they can alert you when things have to be done to keep your plants healthy. And three, it’s less hassle for you.

Lawn care companies send landscape experts to observe your yard every time they mow. If one of your other plants isn’t doing well, they’ll notice it, and they can take care of it right then and there.

Look for Extensive Experience

In theory, it’s easy to take care of your yard. But if you have ever tried to keep your lawn green by yourself, you’ll know that it’s really not as easy as it looks. The people who have immaculate lawns are usually the ones who hire lawn care services. That’s because a lawn care service company has the expertise to keep your grass lush and green.

It also takes a lot of experience to recognize sick or wilting plants and determine the appropriate treatment. So when you hire a lawn care company, you should ask how long they have been in business. Additionally, you should find out how much experience each of the staff members has who will be taking care of your yard.

Verify Credentials and References

Before you sign a contract with a company to take care of your yard, you should verify their credentials. Reputable companies display their credentials proudly on their website. Credentials are easy to verify, but you shouldn’t overlook references.

Unless you were personally referred by someone you trust, you should ask the lawn care company for references. Then you have to take the time to call these references and ask them about their experience. One question that might elicit a useful response is: “If there was one thing you could change about the lawn care service, what would it be?”